New Exclusive Luxury Line

Exclusive Worldwide Organic Honey from Ethiopia with Bee Venom and 24k pure Gold edible with unique active ingredients ...


This wonderful product of our new range of luxury, for internal use and also for external use, is the fruit of the quality of the exquisitely selected ingredients together with a unique formulation of our strict preparation for the most elite of the world gastronomy.

This exclusive honey comes from Ethiopia, in the Tigray region, which is approximately 2300 meters high: exceptional honey and rare to get ...

In this entire region everything is extremely organic!

The Bee Venom and the pure Gold 24k. that we use comes from a famous private laboratory in Madrid (Spain).

And thanks to these select ingredients that this "elixir of youth" that has the power to block free radicals takes life.

This achievement is the result of a year of research and from the Granja La Paz company we are proud to share it with all our loyal customers.

I hope you enjoy our new delicacy a lot.


Apitoxin is the poison secreted by female worker bees.

Its alkaline acid formed by a mixture of proteins is used medicinally - in the so-called apitherapy or apitoxotherapy - as complementary or alternative treatment, for rheumatism and other joint conditions, by the anti-inflammatory properties "apamina", which acts on the immune system correcting attacks of antibodies to the joints.

 Neutralizes the most dangerous of free radicals.

Returns a hydrated and silky skin.

Powerful descontracturante.

Moisturizes and nourishes the skin repairing it completely.


  Stimulates the formation of our own antioxidant enzymes.

A unique and exclusive gift for the most elite of gourmet gastronomy! 

Limited edition !!

The venom of bees exerts an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, used as an adjuvant in multiple sclerosis.

In short, a gift of nature !!

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