Marc de Champagne :

The champagne marc is a brandy created in the wine-growing area of Champagne in France, also known as the administrative province in the north-west of France, located on the northern shores of the wine world.


The elaboration of this liquor in its traditional process consists of the selection of grape marc, seeds and stems of the area exclusively (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier) Pinot Noir is the most planted grape in the region of Aube, while That the Pinot Meunier is the most harvested in Vallee de la Marne and the Chardonay is practically exclusive of La Côte des Blancs.


The leftovers of these grapes from the vinification of the champagnes are left for these marcs in the process of pressing in the early stages of the production of Champagne.


After fermentation this liquor happens to be distilled and after this, it is sent to oak vats where it remains stored several years before being ready for consumption.


Champagne marc is a light drink and has a very fruity flavor and aroma, Its most common use is to accompany sherbets and cold desserts of different kinds and is also widely used as a digestive after meals and as an ingredient in the Elaboration of chocolate truffles.


It is advisable to serve it cold about 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, it is a liquor that does not contain gas and its preservation can be at room temperature if desired (even after open) for a not very prolonged period of time.


Its dry fruit taste delicately combined with alcohol, make this an elegant liqueur and refined taste, its aroma is intense and its color is amber or dark yellow.


There are many brands in the market of Marc de Champagne, there are variants in the Marc de Champagne market made with some other ingredients also fruity flavors.


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