Why do not we sell drinks with alcohol ??

 Many of our customers ask us about this innovative topic. And the answer is simple: because Granja La Paz looks for quality, authenticity and health !! That is why Granja La Paz rejects everything that is anti-natural, synthetic and harmful to health ...

To reduce high blood pressure without giving up the pleasure of enjoying the wine you can opt for wine without alcohol. According to medical studies, it has the property of being beneficial for hypertensive patients.

This medical research has been published in Circulation Research, a scientific journal of the American Heart Association and shows that after only four weeks of non-alcoholic wine consumption has lowered patients' blood pressure:

This credit would be attributed to the wonderful nitric oxide !! This substance helps to relax the blood vessels and contributes to reduce the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, also favors the flow of blood that reaches the heart and other organs.

Doctors remember that when de-alcoholising the wine, this does not lose its qualities !!

Wine is a drink rich in tannins, polyphenols (found in the skin of grapes) and flavonoids.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recalls that wine is one of the healthiest dietary patterns !!

 Our company Granja La Paz is proud to offer non-alcoholic beverages, wine and champagne with HALAL guarantee seal certified by the Islamic Board.


Our whiskey without alcohol he won in 1998 in the International Exhibition of Paris  SIAL D'OR  as the best drink non-alcoholic in the world for its world innovation !! 

Alcohol-free refreshing drink made from macerated corn and barley malt.

Savor with the five senses the alcoholic beverage...