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Granja La Paz has been distinguished since its inception in 1998 for the excellent quality of its products and its ecological raw materials.


The quality of our products is essential for us,

for that reason we adopt higher physicochemical standards than that which the law establishes.


Granja La Paz is the meeting point for lovers of the select gastronomy.


            We invite you to try our products of which you will be very satisfied.


Why Granja La Paz?


  Granja La Paz has distinguished itself since its inception in 1998 for the excellent quality of its products and its organic raw materials.


We produce unique honeys of the highest quality and widely studied scientifically, recognized over the years for its remarkable natural bio-activities and unique properties.


If you are a lover of the ecological and sustainable world, this is your website.


What is your ideal honey?


There are countless varieties of honeys and all of them are ideal to accompany you on many occasions.


It is normal that you do not know which honey to buy and which one meets your needs.



At GranjaLaPaz we have classified them so that you can find what you are looking for.

Antioxidant Line

Beehive Products

Exclusive Honey Line

Tips and tricks for organic honey lovers!


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Guide for you to become an expert taster:

When you choose Granja La Paz you improve your health


with a certified product of the highest quality.


Granja La Paz honey is the only 100% guaranteed Spanish honey.


Our company has the necessary ecological certificates to guarantee an excellent product.


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The Earth Wathch Institute declared bees the most valuable species in the world in the last debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London, valuing their most extensive function in the natural chain, which is pollination, without which life on the planet would definitely be impossible. .


The bee is the only insect that provides food to humans, the British institute recalled.


Biodiversity is the process of interaction between living beings and the planet, the relationship between them, and of course, the biological response of the environment towards species. In this process, the bee has a vital function since world agriculture depends on 70% of these insects, said more clearly, 70 of every 100 products that we use to feed ourselves depend exclusively on bees. The balance is self-explanatory: without pollination plants could not reproduce and without plants fauna would also disappear and consequently humans.


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